Hello friends, we are currently spending our time in the studio writing new songs and rehearsing for our upcoming concerts this year. We are looking forward sharing the stage with "Omega" on September 2nd in Prague. In addition, we will have our first gigs in Great Britain this fall. Thanks so much to Classic Rock Society's David Kennedy, without whose help this would not have been possible to achieve. We will announce the complete dates soon. Unfortunately and despite all our best efforts,   it looks less good with shows in Germany. So if you want to see us play live in our home-country , you will have to travel to Gera on June 21st, where we will perform as part of the "Fete de la musique". We surely hope to see you at one of our concerts. For more news, please check regularly on our Facebook page ... and please do not forget to hit the "like"-button there. See you, Frank. Nils, Tom & Yenz
Sole Crystal Palace concert in Germany in 2017! On June 21st we will play our sole concert in Germany this year at the Fete de la Musique in Gera at Johannisplatz. We will hit the stage at 4:30 pm and perform for about 1.5 hours. The biggest highlight for us this year will be our first tour in the U.K.later this summer, though. We look forward to visit great cities. The planning is as good as finished and the tickets for the ferryare booked. At these gigs we will perform for over 2 hours and present material from our last 3 albums. In some cities in England we will share the stage with local bands "Multi Story and "Winter Machine". We have already written some new material. All is going well and we remain diligent,   to let you not wait for too long for a new album. We hope to see you on tour. Bye for now !
Hey Folks, We’re back from the UK. The tour went really good. It was an awesome experience with nice venues and nice people. Thanks to everyone who supported us… Now it’s time to work on new ideas for the next album. We are sure, something special will happen… All the best to all of you
Hello friends, we are pleased that on April 6 our latest album "Scattered Shards" will be released. Mostly, because after the release of "Dawn Of Eternity" we set out to not let pass too much time until the release of something new again. Nevertheless, one can never know how things turn out. But we did it! We started writing some new material last year and were already able to try out various new songs on our tour through England and Scotland last autumn.   First we thought about releasing new music on some EPs, but then decided to release a full album again instead.Much is new about this album. An important reason for us was to show that we really compose and produce our own music. We always did,   but we feel it did not always come across in public. Therefore, this time there are no prominent guest musicians on the new album, though we still have somebody on board who plays the clarinet very well. He is called Tobias Walter and is the son of our great graphic designer Reimar Walter. With the new album, we wanted a new sound. We think we succeeded! Every time we set out to write an album, we do not know what will come out in the end. But we know that we do not want to limit ourselves or exclude things. So we can say with certainty that "Scattered Shards" is the most modern sounding as well as the most dynamic album that we have ever made. It's also the first album we release on Progressive Promotion Records. We are looking forward to this new cooperation and would like to thank Yogi Lang and Kalle Wallner for the past cooperation with Gentle Art Of Music. Look forward to "Scattered Shards"! 8 songs ... like 8 pieces ... - 8 stories. Once upon a time ... something has broken ... hidden in a box and never really forgotten. This box that everyone of us has! What will you find in your box? This have been really crazy weeks for us, because things planned had to be changed almost without notice.   In almost no time the album had to be recorded and mixed, because on April 6th we want to present you some of the new songs fully realised at the   Artrockfestival in Reichenbach! We will play there for the first time and are looking forward to it! Stage time is set for 06:50 pm. On April 7th we will head to Oberhausen, where we will perform with JADIS from England at Zentrum Altenberg. See you ! Frank, Tom, Nils, Yenz
Hi folks, first a quick reminder: on August 3rd 2018 we will perform at ProgArt-festival staged at the Parkbhne Biesdorf. Since we rarely have the opportunity to do shows in Berlin, we are especially happy to have been invited! Unfortunately, there will be no further live-gigs for Crystal Palace in 2018. A planned gig at Zentrum Altenberg in Oberhausen had to be postponed to March 22nd 2019. We will also be visiting "Das Rind" in Rsselsheim on April 4th next year. At both shows we will be able to perform longer setlists than previously possible. We will be joined by a special guest as well on both occassions. For the first time ever Thomas Thielen's project "t" will take to the stage. Thomas Thielen is well known in the prog scene as a creative artist with many successful releases. To bring his project "t" to the stage for the first time, Thomas, naturally, had to put together a band. So Yenz will join him playing bass guitar. And even some more surprises will be waiting for you! After afore-mentioned gigs we will head to the UK! We are excited to perform again in England and Scotland. First we will be part of the famous Winter's End Festival in Wales! After that, we will meet again with our friends and musical colleagues of "Long Earth" and "This Winter Machine" for several gigs. Please have a look at our website's section "Events" for more information. We will keep you up to date. Our current album "Scattered Shards" has so far received good to excellent reviews throughout Europe. In "Eclipsed Magazine" we even made it into the Top 20. We have already written a lot of new music in the last few weeks. Even before the release of "Scattered Shards" we agreed on conceptual and musical ideas for that album's successor. The result will be an album with a dramatic background based on a true story that happened in March 2014 here in Berlin. Work for that album already has progressed very far. You see, everything is in flux ... Cheers, Frank, Nils, Tom & Yenz
Hello friends, we will be back on tour next year in England and Scotland following our appearance in Wales at Winter's End Festival in April. We look forward to meet our British fans again as well as our fellow musicians and friends of "This Winter Machine" and "Long Earth". Upon return from the UK, we  will  start recording a new album. In July, Yenz will be with "t" (as part of The Thomas Thielen Band) performing at "Night Of The Progs" at the Loreley. We count on your active support there...; o) Come next summer, we hope to be finished with the work on the new album and will continue our double-headliner tour with "t" in the autumn, visiting some cities in Germany: https We look forward to meet with many old and hopefully some new friends at our upcoming shows in Oberhausen und Rüsselsheim (look also under "Events" in this website). Here are some links for tickets for these gigs: Oberhausen https://www.eventim.de/crystal-palace-t-double-headliner-tour-2019-tickets- oberhausen.html?affiliate=EVE&doc=artistPages/tickets&fun=artist&action=tickets&key=2 283270$11180928 Rüsselsheim https://www.adticket.de/Das-Rind.html?format=raw&limit=15&start=15 Until then, stay tuned... Frank, Nils, Tom & Yenz
Since there are quite a number of friends of our music who do not use Facebook, we now offer another way to keep you up-to-date about what we are up to. With telegram app and the following link  https://t.me/Crystalpalacemusicberlin    you can always be up to date about the latest developments in the Crystal Palace-camp. First this service will be available in German language only though. However, if you are interested in an English language version, please send us a message and, provided there is sufficient demand,  we will set up a channel in English as well.